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Coqui Coqui Perfumeria - Valladolid, Mexico

Posted by Rebecca Gaddis on

I had been wanting to stay at Coqui Coqui for a while but when I finally got around to going to Tulum they had already closed their doors. Their original location was in Tulum but they had to close due to political issues. Since then, they have opened many other locations in the Yucatan, and I decided to add a day onto my last trip to Holbox, Mexico to check out their Residence & Perfumeria in Valladolid.
Valladolid is a small colonial town about 2 hours west of Cancun. It’s super quaint and non-touristy. I was only there for one night but I loved wandering the streets and around the square – there are a lot of adorable boutiques with beautiful textiles and local delicious chocolates from around the area.
Coqui Coqui is very unassuming, nestled amongst other buildings on a quiet street, you'd hardly know it is there. Then you walk into this gorgeously designed hotel that looks just like a luxurious residence (it actually used to be someone's home) -tall ceilings, colorful tiled floors, white walls with dark wood accents and beautiful white stone. Bohemian cool at its best. And the scents! The smells that fill your nose upon waking in are divine. Coqui Coqui's signature scents are inspired by the landscapes around the Yucatan peninsula. These fragrances contain coconut and the smell of the beach from Tulum, lime, peppermint, smoking tropical woods from Coba, the native flor de mayo (frangipani flower), and flores de azahar (orange blossom) from the gardens around Valladolid. All of these fragrances are made right here in the small lab located on the property. It feels like you are in a beautiful perfume museum.
Coqui Coqui, Valladolid Perfumeria
Coqui Coqui, Valladolid Perfumeria
I soon discovered that there is only 1 guest room in this location, and it was mine. Yep, I had this entire perfume palace to myself as soon as the sun set. The room was luxurious – large canopy bed, crystal chandeliers and an antique-looking bathtub that was perfect for a bubble bath. I was also given a gift box containing several scents, shampoo/conditioner, and even Coqui Coqui toothpaste. It was a truly immersive experience. I also couldn’t stay without getting a treatment at the spa, down a little jungle path behind the main building. This was truly divine – my massage was done with Coqui Coqui scented oils in the jungle, as it was raining. Then I had a warm bath with scented oils and a delicious tea with local honey. Talk about the ultimate way to unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet of this charming place.
Coqui Coqui, Valladolid Perfumeria
I’m so glad I finally had the chance to stay here, and I plan to visit their other locations in the future. I think each location will bring a new and exciting experience. I actually just saw that they are opening a new location in Bora Bora – perhaps a trip is in order…

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