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Little Bay, Anguilla

Posted by Rebecca Gaddis on

The British island of Anguilla has some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Sand so white and powdery soft and water so clear and blue that you thought you were dreaming these colors up. This place does exist, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. 
You won’t find big crowds of people on any of these beaches, and most of the time they are usually fairly empty with the occasional hotel guest relaxing, reading a book and soaking in the scenery. Each year I go back to Anguilla and think the beaches will be packed with tourists, but no, I get the beach all to myself again. It’s quite incredible and I’m becoming very spoiled!
Little Bay Anguilla
Little Bay, Anguilla
There’s one beach in particular known as Little Bay. You can't get there by car - Getting to the beach is an adventure, as you park in Crocus Bay and take a short 10-minute scenic boat ride over with Calvin, quite possibly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. He will motor you over to Little Bay and voila, a completely secluded empty bay appears with a beautiful little white sand beach and stunning cliff and rock formations surrounding it. The deepest part of the bay is great for snorkeling where you will see tropical fish, lobster, and the occasional sea turtle.
I’d recommend bringing some snorkeling gear and a picnic and making an afternoon of it, and when you’re ready to head back, Calvin is just around the corner to come pick you up.

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